Monique Lutz

About me
I was born in Geneva and grew up in the canton of Vaud. I have lived in the canton of Baselland since 2010. I am married and have two teenage sons.

In 2008, I discovered Reiki and was enthusiastic about its possibilities. That's why I decided to train as a Reiki healer.

I have always been searching for the meaning of life and my vocation. Now I am grateful to be able to transmit messages from the spiritual world and to practise energetic healing.

I am very close to nature and love animals. I also like to travel and discover other cultures and landscapes.

As a balance I like to paint acrylic and watercolour paintings, mostly the sea and flowers. I also enjoy writing children's stories about elves, fairies and everything that lives in the invisible world.

I speak French, Swiss German, German and English.
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Contact Info

Telephone: + 41 76 565 36 09



Twint: + 41 76 565 36 09